Hand-Drawn Custom Illustration Hand-Drawn

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Applies to all the art prints, vinyl stickers, greeting cards, and bookmarks in my shop. While supplies last. Add all items to your cart to see the freebies at checkout.

This is where you can order *custom-made illustration art from me! 

Have an idea for a fun or awesome illustration? I am happy to help you out with that. Illustration is its own kind of art, and I put awesome care into character development, expressions, shading, and lighting to deliver you a one of a kind work of art. 

These illustrations will be created using an Apple Pencil on my iPad (via the ProCreate app). This is ideal for you because it will allow me to deliver high-definition, optimized artwork files that you can print large or on all sorts of different apparel and products. 


Due to the nature of illustrations, I have to assume that all my clients will be using the illustration for either commercial reasons, or to put on products/apparel. For that reason, there are no print packages available up front, and all prices include commercial usage rights (meaning you can use it however you like).

Prices are based on how many characters I will be including in the final art. Each character takes just about as much time as a single character, so the price changes accordingly. I can draw a maximum of 5 characters in any illustration (depending on what you're trying to achieve). 


After you purchase your custom illustration, I will need a few weeks to finish the art for you, so plan your order in advance! I have rush options available if you do need it done a bit quicker.

Discuss with me what you want to order before purchasing, then include a summary of what we discussed in the comments of your order (found in your shopping cart). When you order, be sure to use an email address that you check often so that I can communicate with you about the project if needed.

Once the project is completed, I will send you the completed artwork in high resolution, as well as the transparent .PNG version, so that you can use it to your heart's content. There will also be options to order professional prints from me if you'd rather I do that part for you.

Let's get creative together, shall we?

*I reserve the right to share digital versions of your finished artwork with my following for promotional purposes (I have to have ongoing examples to get ongoing work). This may include making prints/products available to my following. Platforms may include my Instagram, Facebook page, or my websites. If you want me to hold off sharing yours because it's a gift, no problem. Just let me know when you're giving it. If you'd rather I not share it at all, you'll need to purchase the full and complete rights to your art.