CUSTOM Hand-Drawn "Robot Art" Of Your Pet or Animal

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I would sincerely LOVE to turn a photo of your pet(s) into awesome robot artwork!

Can we be honest? My detailed pet portrait drawings are really nice and really classy, but they're not necessarily a lot of fun. And that's what my custom animal robot art is... It's not only really fun for you to own, it's really fun for me to make, too! These robot pet portraits are an incredibly awesome and unique way to immortalize your beloved pets (or any other animal you want me to draw).

Don't be deceived by the illustrative nature of these robots. These drawings take as much real time and care to create as any of my other art, so I charge an honest price for the time I put into them. Because of that, I will love making yours, and you will LOVE what you get back when I'm finished. These are one of my favorite forms or custom artwork, so when I say I'd love to do one for you, I mean it. Click here to view more of the robots I've already done.


Many people would love to have multiple pets done. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for multiple animals. Each drawing takes me about the same amount of time no matter how many I'm doing. You will need to purchase a separate package for each animal you want me to turn into a robot. What I will do, free of charge, is also give you a finished portrait of all of your robots together (as well as individual files).


Choose one of the following packages when you order. Please note that these packages will save you big time if you order now, but that you can also order any of these add-ons after I send you the finished work (a la carte). 


You will receive a high-resolution copy of your finished robot pet portrait on a plain white background (by email). It can be printed at full resolution up to 16" x 20" without sacrificing quality.


You will receive everything in Package A, plus:

x3 -  different stunning backgrounds (I'll choose backgrounds that look really good with your art). You will receive the digital high resolution versions to print yourself
x1 - transparent .png file with your robot so that you can easily put it onto whatever products or projects or backgrounds you like


You will receive everything in Packages A & B, plus:

x1 - 12" x 12" high quality art print mailed to you (choose any background you like)
x1 - 8" x 8" high quality art print mailed to you (choose any background you like)
x5 - Additional backgrounds on 5 additional images. Switch them all out whenever you want, however you want!


You will receive everything in Packages A & B, plus:

x3 - 12" x 12" high quality art prints mailed to you (choose any backgrounds you like)
x2 - 8" x 8" high quality art prints mailed to you (choose any backgrounds you like)
x2 - 5" x 5" high quality art prints mailed to you (choose any backgrounds you like)
x5 - Additional backgrounds on 5 additional images. Switch them all out whenever you want, however you want!
x2 - 3" Vinyl stickers, die cut, of your finished robot art (does not include background).


Nope! If you have a certain animal you're obsessed with (for me it's the octopus!), I can do any animal for you, no problem. Just specify in the comments at checkout what animal you'd like me to do, and if you have a specific photo you want me to work from, send that to me after checkout as well. 


- Choose the robot art package you prefer from the drop-down and place your order.

- I work from photographs that you will supply to me after you place your order. Send it to me here.

- I will need anywhere from 2-3 weeks to finish your portrait, depending on my current workload, so please plan ahead.

- After I finish the artwork, I will send it to you for approval along with additional options you may be interested in. 

- I'll send your artwork to you, anywhere in the world. These prices do include shipping to US clients. International clients, it depends on where you live.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions before you order. Due to the time involved and the organization process, there are no refunds once the order has been placed, so you're welcome to send your photo(s) to me before you order to make sure they will work.

*I reserve the right to share digital versions of your finished artwork with my following for promotional purposes (I have to have ongoing examples to get ongoing work) or for resale as prints. These platforms may include my Instagram, Facebook page, or my websites. If you want me to hold off sharing yours because it's a gift, no problem. Just let me know when you're giving it. If you'd rather I not share it at all, you'll need to purchase the full rights to your art.