Custom Hand-Drawn/Painted Portrait of Your Pet

$250.00 $200.00


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Most people don't know that a very long time ago, the first real profession I ever had was as an animal artist. Over the course of two years, I drew or painted more than 1,500 commissioned highly-detailed animal portraits and animal works of art. The examples featured on this page are just a tiny handful of those commissioned works.

Most of my work was done with graphite, charcoal, colored graphite, and watercolor. All of it was always hand-drawn with attention to the tiniest of details, and the same will be true if you hire me to do a portrait of your beloved pet.

Nowadays I complete your art on my iPad Pro, using an Apple Pencil. Technology has made it so real that you will not be able to distinguish much difference at all between that and something done on paper. If you want it original and done on paper, I can do that too, but it's more of a process so it costs more. Personally, I prefer the iPad because it let's me create layers, which only gives me more options to make the artwork more amazing, and after it is printed out, there will be no doubt in your mind that it was hand-drawn with extreme care.

Apple Pencil Bonus: If I complete your art with the Apple Pencil, you will also get the full resolution digital image that you can print or use however you like (non-commercially).

I don't haggle on price. These aren't quick sketches I am completing. They are intense works of art, with some pretty intense detailing involved that can only be achieved by highly experienced artists, and each portrait is very time consuming. As you can see from the examples, the finished works are also pretty darn incredible. You get what you pay for with art, and I will deliver a *finished work of art worth every penny.


- Choose the artwork style you prefer from the drop-down and place your order.

- I work from photographs that you will supply to me after you place your order. Send it to me here.

- I will need anywhere from two to six weeks to finish your portrait, depending on my current workload. Please plan ahead.

- After I finish the artwork, I will send it to you for approval along with additional options you may be interested in. 

- I'll send your artwork to you, anywhere in the world. These prices do include shipping to US clients. International clients depends on where you live.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions before you order. Due to the time involved, there are no refunds once the order has been placed, so you're welcome to send your photo(s) to me before you order to make sure they will work.

*I reserve the right to share digital versions of your finished artwork with my following for promotional purposes (I have to have ongoing examples to get ongoing work). These platforms may include my Instagram, Facebook page, or my websites. If you want me to hold off sharing yours because it's a gift, no problem. Just let me know when you're giving it. If you'd rather I not share it at all, you'll need to purchase the full rights to your art.