"Cat Riding a Tiger" 3.5" Vinyl Sticker



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The "Cat Riding a Tiger" vinyl sticker was made from original artwork by Dan Pearce, meaning you're getting something unique since you also won't find it anywhere but here!

This artwork is one part of a bigger series of art pieces that I conceived and created for a series "Ride 'Em Before They Ride You." We were all born with whatever was passed down to us from our ancestors, and it's up to us if we want to let the lives and conditions we were born into ride us, or if we want to take control of the reigns and do what we know we were born to do!

Each vinyl sticker is 3.5" on its longest side, making it the perfectly-sized addition to your water bottles, laptop covers, phone cases, lockers, car windows, or anywhere else you love sticking your stickers. 

These stickers are made from thick, high quality vinyl and are printed using vibrant, bright inks. They stay put when placed, yet easily (and cleanly) come off (and reapply) if you want to remove them or move them to another surface. They're even dishwasher safe! I use them on my own water bottles and have never had an issue with them. 

Support Great Blogging and a Great Cause

When you buy this sticker, you not only get an awesome sticker to add to your collection, you also support great blogging and content creation by social influencer Dan Pearce (that's me), as well as worthwhile charities around the world since a portion of every sale goes toward currently good causes.

Guaranteed Quality

I could have gone cheap with these stickers to get you a cheaper price, but I'm guessing you want a sticker that looks great and lasts for years. It's well worth what I sell it for. If you're unsatisfied with the quality of your purchase, return it unused for a full refund*.