Awesome Kid Coupons and Coloring Book (Made for Real Human Kids)


Two versions available: pre-filled and blank.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: when you buy through my shop, you'll get the digital version included for free so that you can print new coupons whenever you like!


Being a kid isn't always easy, and most kids don't have a lot of control over what happens in their day-to-day lives. That's just part of being a kid.

But... What if the room didn't *always* have to be cleaned? What if bedtime didn't *always* have to be at a certain time? What if making a mistake didn't *always* lead to getting into trouble?

What if your kids had access to coupons they could hand to you that allowed them to be just a little more human and to have just a little more control over their own lives in fun and limited ways?"

Awesome Kid Coupons" offers your children just that, featuring its 18 different kid coupons that your child can use in the moments *they* choose to use them.

Each coupon has a fun and unique illustration (by Dan Pearce) that your kids can color before being able to use the coupon. This keeps 'em busy, but also gives you fun keepsakes as their parent or guardian.

Coupons included with pre-filled edition (blank edition lets you fill out your own):

(x2) Get out of trouble free

(x1) No chores for the day

(x2) An extra hour before bedtime

(x1) Leave your room messy for _____ days

(x1) Choose what we make for dinner

(x1) Double your allowance

(x1) A trip to eat at your favorite restaurant

(x1) Choose what we watch

(x1) Choose any game to play

(x1) Choose the music we listen to

(x1) Only eat the stuff on your plate that you like

(x1) $____ to spend on ________

(x1) $____ to spend at the store

(x1) _____ extra minutes of screen time

(x1) Invite a friend over to play

(x1) A trip to ______

In the back of the book, your child will also get three different drawing challenges, so that they can push their drawing skills in new and fun ways.

Note from the Author/Illustrator (Dan Pearce):

"I originally made a very similar coupon book for my son one Christmas when money was tight and I didn't have much for big or expensive gifts. I spent weeks drawing fun illustrations and coming up with coupons my child could use any time he wanted over the next year. He LOVED the finished project, and now the number one thing he always puts on his list every year is: 'more coupons!'

As parents, we often forget that this human experience we all go through isn't always the easiest thing for our kids to navigate, either. These coupons are an amazing way to not only let your kid be amazingly human, but also to remind you (as a parent) that sometimes it's okay to give a little and not make rules or routines that never have exceptions. This, in turn, will help your kids be more supportive of the rules and routines that you do have to make as the awesome parent that you are."

The pre-filled version of "Awesome Kid Coupons" features coupons that have universal kid struggles/topics. Be sure to choose the blank version of this book if you'd like to fill in all your own coupons with whatever you like, or to base the coupons on the needs of your specific children.


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