The Golden Snitch

The Golden Snitch is one of the most iconic images from the Harry Potter series. The gold symbolizes truth and honesty but it can also symbolize greed and control. Capturing The Golden Snitch is the job of the Seeker within the Quidditch match. Once the Seeker has it, the game is over. Wizards look up to the Seeker and aspire to be like them. Like many wizards, you can become the envy of all your muggle friends. 

The following design was inspired by the "Golden Snitch" and has been hand drawn by Dan Pearce.

"The Golden Snitch" Inspired Mandala


This design is also available on other items within the Danoah shop. 

  • Laptop Sleeve  
  • Weekender Bag
  • Phone Case
  • T-Shirt
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