Dan Pearce's "Animal Robot" Fine Art Collection




This is the official directory for my "animal robot" collection. I have tried to make it as easy as possible to both see which robot animals are in the collection, and also to quickly get to all the art prints and products I have made available.  Click on any animal below to view ALL its available art prints, framed canvases, vinyl stickers, greeting cards, kitchenware, apparel, accessories, and more (in a new tab).

Is there an animal missing that you'd love to see in the collection? Contact me! I also do custom robot art of people's pets if you're intersted.


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I'm finally on Patreon! I have support tiers starting at just $8 per month, and I have loaded these tiers up with serious goodies. Not only will you get free artwork and photo prints, you'll also be entered into drawings for custom artwork or trips to hang out and do art together.