Owls are seen as beautiful and majestic creatures. Many cultures believe that the Owl brings good luck and can protect one from sufferings. Owls represent transition and are able to guide you through difficult times. 

Also they may or may not help you get to Hogwarts; but that's just an added bonus. 

This collection of items, all available for purchase, are Owl-Themed and found exclusively on Danoah Shop. 

Barn Owl Prints

Grammar Owl is Judging You

Sadly now-a-days it seems that grammar has fallen to the wayside. Luckily, "Grammar Owl" can help you out if times of need. 

Who doesn't need help with their grammar? Or should it be Whom . . .

Castle In The Owl's Eye

Screech Owl

There are things we can learn by seeing life from another point of view. 

There is beauty all around us, sometimes we can see it by looking into the eyes of another.

When you take a moment to pause and look around you can learn more about the world around you. 

Don't be afraid to sit and watch every once in awhile.