Fear Of Missing Out

"Hey! Wanna go out and stay up until 4am even though you have to be a work at 7am?"

Sometimes it makes more sense to turn down a night out with your friends but what if they meet your celebrity crush and you weren't there?!?!?!? 

Welcome to FOMO





Being a responsible human means having to make tough decisions. And sometimes that means choosing sleep over a party. Or working late/studying instead of a date. 

It's not easy and FOMO is a struggle. The Danoah Shop completely understands. This design was made for those that are struggling with a serious case of FOMO.

This design was made by Dan Pearce.

Shirt not your thing?

You don't want to miss out on your coffee too. With our FOMO Mug you don't have to, Just fill it up and think about all the things you are missing out on . . . But hey! Coffee won't do anything without you, right?

These pins are a subtle way to show how you really feel. Pin it to your backpack or jacket. Always have a small reminder that you are probably missing out.