CUSTOM MADE Face Coverings

Featuring the Artwork of Dan Pearce

While it would be nice not to even think about this kind of thing, these are the times we are currently facing. After being unable to find any face coverings or masks where I live, I went in search of someone who could make some for me. That led me down a bit of a rabbit hole to a partner who was willing to create on-demand face coverings not just for me, but for any of my followers who need them. 

I've made a whole bunch of my art available on these face coverings so that you and your family can at least have some fun with it and go out with a variation of illustrations on your face masks.

Please note that these are not medical grade face coverings, though they are thick and still breathable, which is the best we can go for in most places. As fabric and breathability go, these definitely do the job. Please also note that due to the nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds. And finally, due to the demand, please understand that it may take a couple weeks to receive your face coverings (sometimes quicker) since they are made for you individually when you order.

Buy 5 get 1 free, plus free US shipping!


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$22.50 each, made custom for you when you order.

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Stay safe out there, friends.

The Official "LOVE" Design

"Balance of the Heart & Mind"

"Bad Balloon Day" (Abstract Version)

"See, Speak, Hear No Evil" (black)

"Love Mandala"

"Elephant in a Bath Towel"

"Hummingbird Robot"

"Love Mandala" (abstract version)

"LOVE" Design (in blue)

"Monkey in a Straitjacket"

"Tarantula Robot"

"Bad Balloon Day"

"Bigfoot Robot"

"How to Hug a Porcupine"

"Panda Bear Robot"

"Parrot Robot"

"LOVE" Design (in pink)

"Where Did The Magic Go? Unicorn Bondage"

"See, Speak, Hear No Evil" (gray)

"Robot Stepping in Gum"

"Rhinoceros Robot"

"LOVE" Design (in purple)

"The Black Sheep & The Ugly Duckling"

"Balance of the Heart & Mind" (gray)

"Piranha Robot"

"Polar Bear Robot"

"Blind as a Bat"

"Unicorn Robot"

"Sea Turtle Robot"

"Chameleon Robot"

"LOVE" Design (in white)

"Giraffe Robot"

"Donkey Riding a Fish"

"Dragon Robot"