A few examples of custom "name mandalas"

Below are a just a few examples of the many "name mandalas" that I have drawn for my customers.

2 Names: "Reid" & "Dane"

Text: "Je Taime"

1 Name: "Wendy"

1 name: "Morgan"

1 name: "Staci"

1 name: "Kimberly"

text: "this love"

1 name: "camden"

1 name: "amy"

text: "Kindness"

2 names: "Kendra" and "troy"

1 Name: "melissa"

text: "My Favorite"

1 name: "Alassandra"

1 Name: "crow"

text: "stronger together"

5 names: "lauren, chuck, lewis, evelyn, ryan"

1 Name: "hannah"